Hello BabelZillian People!

We are a team of international translators for Mozilla family applications extensions, and our goal is to provide localizations by means of connecting extension developers and translators in order to contribute to spread open source applications worldwide.
To submit your extension/translation you can use the Web Translation System.
In case of doubts and/or curiosities you may consult the BabelZilla English Help Section (available also in other languages!), and if you need a translator, look into the (partial) list of translators (more than 55 nations up to now!)

For all nations which don’t have English as national language it is very important to have their locale included in the official author’s build, because if a user looks for an extension in big web sites such as addons.mozilla.org or extensionsmirror.nl and so on, (s)he will find the extension in his/her language immediatly.

Moreover, if the locale is not included in the official build, the user will find XUL errors if (s)he updates the extension with Firefox/Thunderbird/Flock/etc automatic update.
Because of this fact, we decided to start a world project to let authors and translators easily manage extension translations!

This portal is born on August 2005, is called BabelZilla (http://babelzilla.org/) and “contains” already more then 150 extensions (among all the first five most popular ones)

  1. FlashGot
  2. NoScript
  3. Fasterfox
  4. Adblock
  5. IE Tab

All “BabelZilla people” will be glad to say to every new translator and new developer: “Welcome!

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