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Fenian – also known as the “Spiteful TechAdmin”

Me: My Life and My JobI live in Germany and I’m 39 years old.Last year I married my long time companion Rosemarie.I worked about 15 years in the quality assurance and in the quality management.After the bankruptcy of the company, I took the opportunity to learn something new: Network DeveloperWell, not really new because I love computer since my first VIC-20. So it ‘s no wonder the that I’ve Continue reading

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Translators & Team!

Who are we? We are a team of international translators for Mozilla family application extensions, and up to now there are 45 languages and more then 300 translators present on BabelZilla! Who are the Administrators? Jürgen aka Fenian, from Germany, … Continue reading

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History of the WTS

The WTS (Web Translation System) is the system used on BabelZilla to allow online translation and to manage uploading/downloading extensions & language files. The first version of the WTS is based on a script elaborated by WizKid, and it has … Continue reading

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