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Fenian – also known as the “Spiteful TechAdmin”

Me: My Life and My JobI live in Germany and I’m 39 years old.Last year I married my long time companion Rosemarie.I worked about 15 years in the quality assurance and in the quality management.After the bankruptcy of the company, I took the opportunity to learn something new: Network DeveloperWell, not really new because I love computer since my first VIC-20. So it ‘s no wonder the that I’veContinue reading «Fenian – also known as the “Spiteful TechAdmin” »

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Translators & Team!

Who are we? We are a team of international translators for Mozilla family application extensions, and up to now there are 45 languages and more then 300 translators present on BabelZilla! Who are the Administrators? J├╝rgen aka Fenian, from Germany, […]Continue reading «Translators & Team!»

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History of the WTS

The WTS (Web Translation System) is the system used on BabelZilla to allow online translation and to manage uploading/downloading extensions & language files. The first version of the WTS is based on a script elaborated by WizKid, and it has […]Continue reading «History of the WTS»

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