Translators & Team!

Who are we?
We are a team of international translators for Mozilla family application extensions, and up to now there are 45 languages and more then 300 translators present on BabelZilla!

Who are the Administrators?
Jürgen aka Fenian, from Germany, is a Tech Admin and a translator for de & de-DE.
Charles aka Ptit Lutin, from France, is a Tech Admin and a translator for fr & fr-FR.
Luana aka MatrixIsAllOver, from Italy, is a P.R. Developer! and a translator for it & it-IT.

Who is the SuperMod (goofinator), coordinator of all the Forums?
Jean-Bernard aka Goofy, the chosen one from France, is a SuperMod and a translator for fr & fr-FR.

Who are the General Moderators of the general Forums?
(in alphabetical order of nick names)
Roel aka Asterxx from Netherlands,
Carlos aka chuzo from Spain,
Luca aka l0stintranslation from Italy,
Oliver aka ReinekeFux from Germany,
Miz aka seabow from Japan,
Claudio aka Teboga from Brazil,
Yorick aka Tibox from France,
and last but not least 😉 ,
Emil aka WizKid from Sweden!

Who are the BabelZillian Moderators of the BabelZillian Forums?
(in alphabetical order of nick names)
Finn aka AlleyKat from Denmark,
Ahmet aka amurati from Kosovo,
Stoyan aka arris from Bulgaria,
Yuhang aka blackdire from China,
Kenji aka deq from Japan,
Gert-Paul aka Gert-Paul from Netherlands,
Alexander aka Hawksthorne from Bulgaria,
Tao aka hermit from China (currently living in Germany!),
Marius aka Melon from Norway,
R. Nicolas aka MorZilla from Argentina,
Rodrigo aka Rodrigo Bergmann Laurindo from Brazil,
George aka Sonickydon from Greece,
Team aka Team from Germany,
and last but not least 😉 ,
Leszek aka teo from Poland!

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  1. Teboga says:

    Hello girls (Miz and Luana),

    You did a very nice job here, congratulations.

    I’ve already learned some things about Babelzilla I didn’t know.


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