Fenian – also known as the “Spiteful TechAdmin”

Me: My Life and My Job

I live in Germany and I’m 39 years old.
Last year I married my long time companion Rosemarie.
I worked about 15 years in the quality assurance and in the quality management.
After the bankruptcy of the company, I took the opportunity to learn something new: Network Developer
Well, not really new because I love computer since my first VIC-20. So it ‘s no wonder the that I’ve studied some semester of Computer Science. Unfortunately I never finished…
During the training I got the following certifications:


There’s one thing left to do: LPCI 😉
My Hobbies

Free time for them after all the time for BabelZilla? 😛
Yes, there is!
And in this time I’m a volunteer in an organization called THW.
THW, the Bundesanstalt Technisches Hilfswerk (German Federal Agency for Technical Relief) is an organization of the German government.
The tasks of the THW are:
THW Logo

  • technical relief in Germany
  • with assignment by the government technical or humanitarian relief in foreign countries
  • technical and logistical relief for other (German) GOs, NGOs or other authorities like fire brigades, police or the custom authorities.

Well, I think, that’s enough for now.
I’ll wait for the other members’ profiles 8)

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