A Life for programming, and now new WTS Dev!

A Life for programming

My name is Davide aka dafi, I live in South Italy, I’m a 36 years old and I can’t imagine my life without programming!
I program anything, washing machines, videorecorders and … computers.
At ten years old I had my first computer the Sinclair ZX80 with one kilobyte of RAM!!
I had been so stupid to sell it to buy a Commodore 64.
I was falling in love for Commodore Amiga and I loved to program using assembly on Motorola 68000 series processors.
I’m an open source evangelist and my idol is Richard Stallman. Now I work as senior Java programmer and technical coordinator, and I’m also a volunteer at Mozilla Foundation as extension reviewer.
I’ve discovered BabelZilla project and I’m currently sharing my works with BZ team as new WTS Developer.

Spending free time

Mainly I pass my free time to learn new programming languages and share my little know-how with other people.
I love books and movies; my preferred books are Being Digital and Flatland, my preferred movies are Bladerunner and Tron and obviously Matrix 1.
And last but not least, I’m waiting for the woman of my life! She is a bit in later but I can wait some other time.


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