A new WTS Developer-> Denis (myself)

Just a first introduction about myself

My name is Denis aka denistn, I’m an Italian guy (26 years old) and more than 10 years ago I found out that software development was my best hobby: so I’ve decided to transform it to my job and actually I succeeded. It is very nice to get paid to do something you really like to do, isnt’it?

Few weeks ago, I moved to Coté d’Azur (France) and now I’m working as Software Development Engineer in a big company. Besides this, I like very much to work on open-source projects, to share knowledge with others and to stay tuned about what’s happening in the IT world.

In my spare time!

In the spare time, I’ve developed the PDF Download extension for Firefox and I want to keep improving it as much as I can.

From now on, I will also contribute to improve BabelZilla as new WTS Developer: of course I hope to do a good job, but in any case I will do my best.

My life, my love

Is there anything else? Yes, of course! I’m engaged with my girlfriend Laura and we are now living together (finally): what is there better than sharing my entire life with my girlfriend? NOTHING: this is the most important thing, IMHO the rest is only a decoration!


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