Kenji’s presentation

Young Japanese University student
I’m Kenji Inoue aka deq, 22 years old guy living in Osaka, Japan. I study at Osaka Institute of Technology majoring computer science (pursuing M.S.).

As a localization/translation assistant
My late activities focus on software localization, translation and documentation. Four years ago I co-founded a successful project called perldocjp which gathers and hosts Japanese translations of Perl-related documentations and, some days ago, June 12th, 2006, I just organized an event called Perl Transfest, where people got together and just translated documentations related Perl language. I contacted a person who is a contributor of OmegaT, an open-source translation memory tool, to make a speech to introduce a CAT (computer assisted translation) tool to the community. Using these CAT tools so far at experimental stage for developers and localizers but I hope they settle for us and improve actual efficiency of localization and translation. We, open-source software communities, always lack manpowers, aren’t we? We anyway need to solve them, sometimes by technology, and I would like to support it.

Typical history of an average programmer

Ah, being a WTS developer, I ought to have to explain my programming skills. I love programming since I was nine or ten. Like an average computer nerd, at that age I loved to write recursive functions in Basic where the old school goto statement governed, the world before Dijkstra lit up. As a typical Internet kid, after I just entered into a high school, reading RFCs and reverse engineering softwares I loved to write IRC bots in Perl to protect our IRC channels fighting against Eastern Europe or Middle East teenagers. And, yes, I haven’t made anything really important to show you to flatter myself, like an ordinary Slashdot user. Uhmmm, well, at least I am proofed that I’m smart enough to create a half-borrowed-from-other-extension-source-codes extension called PageZoom and that’s all.

My sole hobby (except computer and programming, of course) is to play acoustic guitar solo. It contains dynamics, statics, passion, hope, happiness, sadness and every little thing whole in one instrument. I’m just knocked over.


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