One Goofy Guy

As I don’t like to boast on my numerous qualities, I will spare you the long list of my programming skills. To make it short, just remember I was there to put the very first coakroach (improperly but now historically called a bug) in the huge Eniac machine, and that my early experiments on object-oriented programming language lead to the success of Apollo 13 mission. I also contributed to discover Rubik’s cube solution with a solid circular saw and superglue.

Now that I am getting old ( I was born in 1917) I have very few occasion to contribute to computer age programming, because there are millions of developers who don’t need me to generate crap codelines. Ah I remember my youth when I was spaghetti-coding with ZX 81 then Amstrad 512 ! At the time, there was nobody to tell you you were creating nonsense… we were NOT online, do you know ? But that’s enough with gone history.

My involvment on BabelZilla is mainly a question of friendship, as I already explained here (extraordinarily in a serious manner!), and it is based on a funny misunderstanding. The team here thought I could help, though I am practically unable to do one simple thing without making GoofyMistakes (TM). so I suspect they tell me to stay just because I am their buffoon, though it is even worse when I try to be funny.

For the moment, I am pleased with BabelZilla because translation is fun to me, and I like to share my experimental errors with the open source community, but I must say I am a little anxious on this point : as our site gets a big success (higher than expected one year ago), it becomes more and more serious, with more and more serious people all around making serious plans, that is why I prefer to stay here as a “loose cannon” – the French phrase is “électron libre” to suggest someone who may join or not, having individual erratic trajectory not necessarily circling around main core in a rational manner. Rationality sucks!

Jean-Bernard aka Goofy

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