Close encounters of the Moz kind people

I am back from two very nice days for Barcelona Mozilla Europe Camp. Many thanks to Pascal, Paul, William and Delphine, to the nice people at the Citilab and all who contributed to this great meeting…
To put it short, it was great to see all these smart and geeky people hectic about what is next in Mozilla ecosystem, how to shape the future, how to make things better for the final user.
But my real surprise was not to see brilliant coders, team leaders, evangelists… sharing thoughts, concerns and vision, my real surprise was they were so open to discussion, ready to listen to what anyone had to say or propose, and even asking for feedback every now and then.
Let me give a personal example. During a session about MozDev by Brian King, I asked something about the install.rdf in extensions, in my hesitating and awkward English. Though my question was probably not very relevant and should have been asked to Axel Hecht, I was answered with great care, and Mark Finkle (who does not even know who I am of course) gave me his professional card so that I could remind my problem later on. I felt very honoured of course 🙂

Here are some shots of the nice people who were in Barcelona Mozilla Camp

On the background the great Chris Hofmann, Mozilla Engeneering Director, is taking the mike, while on the foreground a young wizz web designer is shaping the future, creating the GUID for a new funky Mozilla app (codename: moZebra). Hey this is the burning edge!

A great moment was when I met some folks I never had a chance to meet before in real life. First in the morning was Georges, aka Sonickydon, our Greek major contributor and a very kind person…



At last I met the incredible “lazy old man” Joooliiiaaaan ! Giuliano Masseroni, from Mozilla Italia, is The Man Who Had The Idea of BabelZilla and launched the project along with Jürgen. It was a pleasure to see him along with Simone (Underpass) and Francesco (Flod) from the Italian crew.

jooliaan and me

jooliaan and me

Hey he is much bigger than me, but I am a little older than he thought 😉

The Italian crew is also working at night at the Sal café, on the beach!

On the second day of the meeting, after various schedule changes, I delivered a little speech on BabelZilla during 20 minutes.

Here is the slideshow I used (Open Office presentation format) welcome2bz_19b
You can also browse my notes to get along with the slides and the online format (Google doc)

Now here is Pau Tomàs, a cool Catalan extension developer to whom I made some years ago the first locale support for his very handy gTranslate extension.

I really like his freaky look, I was probably just like that some 35 years ago :-P. Times are not a-changin’, kids!

Time for serious discussion between Tristan Nitot (Mozilla Europe prez) and Aza Raskin, the wizz guy who is developing Ubiquity.

Here we have Jan Odvarko (right) from Firebug development team. Please translators, remember Firebug needs your work , just join here on BZ 🙂!

Dozens of photos can be browsed here

Here are other image thumbnails to click, provided by Sonickydon 😉

(if you want to add images here, just give the link or send them as attachment)

Blogposts about the Mozilla Camp to be found on European Mozilla Community Blog, on William’s Blog, Tristan Nitot’s one, among others…

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  1. dafi says:

    Wow finally many guys have a face not only a nick 😉

  2. sonickydon says:

    And here’s another picture from the conference center 🙂

  3. denistn says:

    Hi Goofy,

    nice to finally see your face 😉 so far I didn’t have this opportunity.

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