Challenge your brain with Mozilla survey

I recently spent a couple of hours trying to answer Mozilla survey about Firefox usage,

After two hour's thinking Goofy finally writes down his opinion.

After two hour

I am almost sure you will be quicker than me, just take 5 minutes to complete it whatever your country and language is 😀 !

mmmh what do they mean by “- Other browser” ??

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3 Responses to Challenge your brain with Mozilla survey

  1. markh says:

    My score was 85. What was yours?

  2. Goofy says:

    ehm I hardly passed
    the 42 limit, dear Shaun.

  3. greenmoon55 says:

    This survey is no longer open for voting. Thank you for trying to take it, though.

    Why do I have to register to leave a comment here? It’s not convenient.

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