5 years of Translation game

BabelZilla is now 5 years old

On July 30th, 2005, when together with early helpful enthousiasts, we (Giuliano, Jürgen, Luana and I) started this project, we just imagined it could be a useful meeting point for extension developers and translators.
We received such a tremendous response from the community of volunteer translators around the world that we were compelled to push our project constantly forward.
There have been about 900 extensions under translation on BabelZilla up to now, for more than 90 languages.
We are very proud to give individuals and teams worldwide the opportunity  to bring their contribution to one competitive advantage of Mozilla apps : extensibility.
Thanks to each and every translator past and present for the time and work spent on the translation game.
We hope you enjoy BabelZilla, we know it is still very far from the perfect site and service we are all dreaming of, but hey we shall try to make it better together with you.
In one of the very early posts on the newborn site you could read

BabelZilla is online, but there is still much work to do.

Well, 5 years later, a lot has been done but we have still much work to do together: develop language team translation, find new translators, fix annoyances and bugs of the WTS, make the interface more user-friendly, find graphic artists contributors, support new extension formats, provide more documentation and guidance…
Join BabelZilla :)!

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3 Responses to 5 years of Translation game

  1. Cesar says:

    Congratulations! My add-on is translated into at least half-dozen languages thanks to the website and the translators.

  2. DakSrbija says:

    I work hard to find new translators, but I can handle it 😀

  3. tito says:

    Very funny reading!
    Congratulations!! 🙂

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