One extension for extension addicts

One extension for extension addicts

Why is there an ad on BabelZilla?

You may have noticed we have recently added two images promoting this addon on the board and on the WTS. This may be quite a surprise for most of our contributors, since up to now we have discarded numerous commercial offers.
Why did we make an exception this time?
For one thing because this is an ad for an extension, so it is closely related to our activity on BabelZilla.
And because the developer of this extension is well-known on our site, having all his extensions being translated by volunteers on BabelZilla.
A little amount of money will be given to BabelZilla for every install. We don’t expect heaps of money to flow down in our pockets. If anything comes out of this experience, we shall probably buy some goodies to promote BabelZilla.
These sponsored links are a test run we can interrupt anytime if there are strong objections. Just tell us.

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  1. Thank you very much for this Add On. It’s very helpfull. .

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