WTS: New Edit interface & other new features

New Edit interface preview

In the near future there will be some changes in the edit interface of the WTS.
It’s not ready yet, but almost ready to use.

I want to take the chance to introduce the new features even if there are some things to fix before it goes online, because I need your feedback and suggestions.

The first thing to come is the new search:
You can now use  Transvision (see here and here)
Search TransvisionThe result will look like this:

You can see some little icons below the string to translate :

Buttons of the interface

spellchecker Spellcheck. I don’t think that it needs an explanation. The Google Spellcheck API is used.


Fixing a typo with spellchecker suggestions

clear string Clear the translation.

Copy string Copy the original string into the textarea.

Additional checks Perform some additional checks (e.g. punctuation, missing variables).

You will see something like this:

punctuation and variable check

We’re working on a solution to perform this checks when you leave the textarea, so this image may be removed.

Google translate Google translation: The original string will be translated with Google Translate. Maybe it can give you tips if you’re not sure about the translation. We are dedicated to human-made translation, but this could be a good translation help. No less, no more.

google translation suggestion

A click on the chevron will copy it into the translation.

– What are “blank” and “untranslated for?

– Well, the WTS will detect strings that are intentionally left blank or untranslated. In the future you can mark such strings. Unmarked strings will be deleted, if the developer updates the extension.

Will there be more changes?

Developers will have more control over the locales.

  • They will be able to delete locales without an active translator.
  • They will be able to “open translation” with a new feature, already available for translators. It allows every member to  join the translation team.

check to open translation

join the team button

* At this point I have a request to all translators: If you can not complete a translation (for whatever reason) please open your translation to other members.
Because the development of the WTS depends on your mind: Please comment 😉


Sprache erkennen » Deutsch
Andere Dinge, die kommen:


Sprache erkennen » Deutsch


Sprache erkennen » Deutsch


Sprache erkennen » Deutsch

Sprache erkennen » Deutsch
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2 Responses to WTS: New Edit interface & other new features

  1. ucn| says:

    Looks great, I’m really looking forward to this!

  2. hosiguma says:

    When I translate to Japanese,
    “Did you forget the ending “.”?” is appeared,
    but in Japanese, end punctuation is “。”.
    Can you fix or add disable option for Japanese?

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