New WTS Features for extension developers

New WTS Features for extension developers

The WTS interface for translators has now been reshaped and handy features are added as announced some weeks ago. It probably needs some finetuning but it is quite usable and we received no major complaints about it up to now.
It is time now to offer our developer friends a couple of new features, some of them being old requests.

  • Download selected locales:
  • When you wish to grab some specific locales, just check and click to download.

pick and click desired locales

  • Delete translations:
  • Unwanted locales, wrong move, wrong language code, starting again from scratch? Just delete.

  • Lock translations:
  • This is intended to avoid problems generated by crowdsourcing translations. Once a stable trusted translation is released, it can be good to keep it safe. It is up to you to decide.

lock translation

  • Remove/add translators:
  • Sometimes translators are missing in action, sometimes new translators are eager to be registered for an “orphan” locale…
    This allows you to choose translators and should be used with care. It is recommended to always keep translators informed about your moves, whenever appropriate.

managing translators

  • Open up locales for other translators to join:
  • Need more task force in the translation team? Open the translation and the “join the team” button can be clicked by volunteers.

  • Check activities on your extension

activites board

  • Edit metadata of your extension

metadata edition

  • Finegrain messages to your translators

As usual you are welcome to test, enjoy and report what could be better 🙂

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