Quick URL for Smart Devs

Hello dear extension developers!
We know you have other priorities. And not so much time to spend on BabelZilla: login, find your way to your extension locales, click on some buttons and links, wait for download, read silly bug reports by translators…
So why not ease your job and grab your locale files with an easy download link you can adjust to your need with one of your smart scripts?

You can now use this default URL:


The download requires 3 parameters:

The first parameter: Type of the download. You can download all or the selected locales

Allowed values:

  • selected
  • all

The second parameter: Handling of untranslated strings

Allowed values:

  • replaced
  • skipped
  • blank

Last but not least, third parameter is:

  • The id of the extension
  • as set by the WTS on submission




Please tell us if you find it useful and if you need more things of this kind.

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3 Responses to Quick URL for Smart Devs

  1. Now if it would also accept a particular locale code (e.g. http://www.babelzilla.org/wts/download/locale/de/skipped/5136) I could greatly simplify my translation validation script. “selected” isn’t very useful if you don’t have any way to actually select the locales.

    • markh says:

      “selected” actually refers to the locales selected for download in the WTS page: in the Translations tab, the third column of tickboxes. But arguably that would render the URL approach less useful, I agree.

    • Fenian says:

      Good argument.
      From now on a valid language code may be used instead of ‘selected’ and ‘replaced’.
      If the language code is invalid or there is no translation available, an error message appears.

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