BabelZillaMenu LTS 7.1 version release

Due to popular marketing demand, we have decided to push a new version of our old solid homemade extension. In a context of fierce competition, we wished to give it more visibility.
BabelZillaMenu users will likely be curious to know what this change means for them. The short answer is almost nothing will change.
This is exactly the reason why we want to ensure our numerous users that their beloved extension will be compatible with Firefox for quite a long time. So we have pushed the version number directly from 2.0.4 to 7.1 (hey Adblock Plus is left far behind you know) and boosted maxversion significantly, see image below.

Many thanks to our translator friends, this milestone edition is released with 44 locales, ready for easy deployment in corporate environment. Enjoy!

Download here (and no, it is not on AMO)

BTW we also plan to provide 44 restartless versions (one per lang) along with the next release. Restartless is such a cool competitive advantage that we must jump on the bandwagon asap.

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