Retrieving AMO metadata on upload: tests wanted

If your extension is hosted on AMO, you have probably spent some time filling fieds to describe what it does, how it works, and various useful information for your users, but you may not wish to write everything again when you submit your extension here on BabelZilla to get more languages.
We know that you are not so keen on documentation and we do care about sparing your time for development and other high-level code activities. That is why our Tech Admin has made a more complete upload system to retrieve automatically AMO metadata which will be exposed to BabelZilla translators.

Please give a test (it will last less than 2 minutes I promise). This is a beta feature, you can upload as many times as you like since there is no connection to our usual database.

You are welcome to try on this test page.
Test page is no longer available.

A caution though: you will see yourself logged in as ‘BZ_System’. Do not be alarmed and think someone has taken over your account; just log out and log in as yourself again afterwards!

We will be pleased to receive feedback, bug notification, interesting suggestions and requests.

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2 Responses to Retrieving AMO metadata on upload: tests wanted

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  2. tipichris says:

    Retrieving data from AMO seems to be working fine.

    I really like that strings that are the same as in en-US are treated as untranslated. Having to faff around substituting different translation files for releases (with missing strings substituted) and for Babelzilla (with missing strings missing) was a pain.

    but… this doesn’t really work for regional differences of the same language. For example, the en-GB translation of my extension is complete. But since there are only minor differences between en-US and en-GB most of the strings are the same, and in this particular case that is fine.

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