BabelZilla Code of Conduct

Since we recently had some trouble on our forums with controversial declarations, we at babelzilla-governance found it was necessary to set up a Code of Conduct based on the highest possible moral standards in order to let peace and diversity overflow our community like a tsunami of love.
We created a special task force of wise guys and we finally can release this very exhaustive set of rules. Enjoy! (and Beware)

0. This site and community is mainly dedicated to translation of addons for Mozilla apps. If you wish to tell us about your personal religious, political or philosophical options or whatever sexual orientation, it is highly recommended you do that on any other channel available on the Internet and not on BabelZilla, because it is just irrelevant here.

1. BabelZilla is no substitute for moral code. You are responsible for your behaviour. If you post material which may create controversial debate or hostile reaction, consider this is your responsibility. Think twice and be responsible.

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4 Responses to BabelZilla Code of Conduct

  1. kazé says:

    Boy, I wish *that* were the Mozilla CoC…

  2. kazé says:

    Boy, I wish *that* were the Mozilla CoC…

  3. Cédric says:

    I love this CoC 😉 but that won’t be Mozilla’s one, unfortunately.

  4. JoeS says:

    Hey Cedric,
    I appreciated this post very much.
    Please don’t get the idea that that stuff on the governance thread represents the thinking of all of us here in the USA.
    It does not.
    I’m surprised that this post wasn’t met with the venom of the “vocal minority”
    Good post.

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