New Translation Teams: localize 3 top extensions for your language

We are very glad to see surfacing new localization teams working hard to release their language langpacks for Firefox, some are already available, some are still in progress. Here is a selection in no particular order:


Localizers, you just rock!

Now we have a simple invitation: as soon as main goals are reached and the langpack for the application itself is released, we suggest you should indulge in translation for let’s say 3 top popular extensions, so that your users might have a complete experience in their language. Maybe Adblock Plus, Video DownloadHelper and Personas Plus. Of course these are just our suggestions, feel free to pick whatever you like. Here the list of AMO most popular extensions.
As most of them are hosted for translation on BabelZilla, you have a simple way to translate online. You have just to register with a valid email. Then pick the extension you wish and translate. Several contributors can register for the same translation so team work is possible and recommended. More on this little guide.
In case you miss your language slot in the list, just ring the bell with a quick message to techadmin at

Mmmh.. Localizers for established locales, why not having the top 10 extensions translated if not yet available? 😉

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16 Responses to New Translation Teams: localize 3 top extensions for your language

  1. Lois says:

    DownloadHelper didn’t wish minority language translations, this is not the open software spirit and I hope mozilla change that.

  2. Hi,

    Yes, it is true i asked a couple of translators of regional languages not to work on DownloadHelper. Not that i have any problem with regional languages, but DownloadHelper has already 30 languages for 7.5 million daily users and there are many more users complaining about the size of the add-on file than the ones complaining about Galician or Catalan not being supported.

    Sorry for that, but i had to make a choice and i picked the one that pleased most people.

    I wish Firefox add-on locales could be downloaded separately on user’s browsers, but this is not the case.


  3. Lois says:

    Gutierrez, are you spaniard?

  4. If you need help in Polish I’m ready!

  5. milupo says:

    @Michel Gutierrez: A friend of mine and I translated Downloadhelper into Upper Sorbian and I actually wanted to create a locale for Upper Sorbian on Babelzilla. But now I see that you don’t want translations for regional languages, just because the xpi could be to big.

    Why don’t you include in the AMO locale the English locale and transfer the translations to a special download page giving a link to it on the AMO page? Thus the owner of FireFTP does it.

    • Do you mean having a separate add-on that holds minority locales ? This is certainly a very good way to handle this issue. I wish Babelzilla could handle this automatically (otherwise it would be a real mess managing this manually).

  6. If you mean having a separate addon that holds minority languages, that would be an excellent way to handle this issue. However, it would be a nightmare to handle this manually. I wish Babelzilla had this feature: handle the main add-on + one or several associated add-ons containing some locales.

    • milupo says:

      Yes, that I mean. Do you really think it would be a nightmare handle a separate addon? I suppose that there will be less locales for minority languages than for “big” languages. You should ask in the WTS forum if such a feature is possible. Or send a private message to Fenian.

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