Mozillian Localizers: Enjoy Transvision 1.2

If you are indulging in localization for Mozilla, you can’t ignore Transvision glossary. We have already introduced it here and there when it was just surfacing courtesy of our friend Philippe Dessante, long-time Mozilla volunteer contributor.
Here are very good news! Development has now been taken over by Pascal Chevrel, well-known Web localization lead as Mozilla employee, who devotes his free time on Mozilla volunteer community he comes from and still feels he is part of. Thanks Pascal!
We are glad you can enjoy a 1.2 version with lots of code and usability improvements that make Transvision a more efficient tool for translation and proofreading.
Complete changelog is yours but the best thing to do is to test and enjoy it.
* Change your bookmark for this new URL:
(note that your search language is automatically matching your browser useragent language)
* Fork your own Transvision and contribute to development on github:

More fixes and changes are cooking, stay tuned.

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