Transvision comparison feature makes l10n QA easier

Transvision is now on 1.6 version owing to the great work of Pascal Chevrel. Among various useful and interesting new features and fixes you can browse in the changelog, there is a smart comparison tool that can ease QA work for Mozilla localization teams. Now our localizer heroes have to manage three branches (Nightly-Aurora-Beta) and it is quite a job to maintain all in tune. So they may need to keep an eye on what should be pushed onto the next branch without forgetting any bit.
The idea is to offer a side-by-side display of two release channels and view what the differences are.
Of course first thing is to pick one’s language and choose two channels among central/aurora/beta/release with the little dropdown menus.
Then bang! here we have useful dump.

As you can see on this screenshot you can spot:

  • Minor typos fixed on one channel but not on the other one
  • Original (English) string pushed on a locale channel
  • Missing translations on one channel

Also you may notice the ellipsis char … is duly detected and highlighted in grey. This is just one more little feature that can help you finetune your localization.
Discover and enjoy everything Transvision has to offer, share your experience and wishlist, hack Transvision on github!

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